Augmented Reality Media

What exactly is Augmented Reality Media...?
And how will this powerful new technology increase awareness of your products / services and in so doing generate massive increases in both your sales figures and profit margins?
Augmented reality media streamer gives your customers access to your business 24/7

Augmented Reality Media Streamer and Beermats go Hand in Hand

The augmented reality media streamer lets today's consumer make purchases, arrange a test drive, book a holiday, get their eyes tested or make an appointment with a doctor.

Last Christmas 32.71% of E-Bay's sales were made via "Smart phones" and mobile devices. Currently Smart phone penetration in the UK stands at a staggering 64% of the population. With Spain better still with 66%. This is set to increase by 7.56% avg. in 2014.
Augmented reality media streamer for FORD

Downloads of the augmented reality app have already reached 23,000, 000...... With 1,000,000 being downloaded every Month.

Over the last 6 years advertising on Beer Mats has grown experientially to encompass every area of business and commerce.

The addition of this cutting edge technology to the most powerful print advertising in the free world, makes advertising on Beermats an absolute MUST......!

Beermats place the message directly in front of the consumer for up to 24hrs a Day 7 days a week each and every week....

Scan Ford's Beermat with your smart phone, see it come to life..!

Augmented reality revealed when scanned by smart phone or mobile devices

Scanning this Beermat with the FREE app from or from the app's store; will reveal videos for Opticians, Insurances, Karting Centres, Zoo's, Telephones, Airlines, Ferries and so on....... 12 in total.

Add Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, E-mail, Gmail, PayPal, Skype, Messenger, Pinterest, Flipboard, Dropbox etc. etc.

Add your website, your address and Map..
A slideshow of your products and services.
A "tap to call" button for your telephone, your mobile, your office or your car is a must..

The possibilities for every business; and everyone in business are indeed endless....... And all at the "tap" of the screen..

Scanning a high resolution Beermat gives your potential consumer every bit of information needed to make the decision to purchase your products and services.
Augmented Reality Media Streamer Statistics







This brand new and exciting technology along with high resolution Beer Mats has proved to be the perfect partners in augmented reality and media streamer campaigns within the EU.

Percentage of smartphone users by age

These are the facts, regarding the new cutting edge technology known as Augmented Reality Media Streamer (ARMS)....... Interested? .... Then contact us now.
For: Time and Tide Waits for NO Man. Or Woman for that matter.

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Add (ARMS) to your car. van, truck. Your shop front, banners, boards and businesses cards. Awnings, sales boards, products, services, offers and even more....

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